SiriusXM: FREE Satellite Radio w/ Subscription! *BUMP!*

SiriusXM: FREE Satellite Radio w/ Subscription! *BUMP!*

*Bump! Sirius XM has this deal on again, so you might want to check it out.* SiriusXM Canada is making it easier to get into their service by offering free devices!

One of the biggest inhibitors to adoption of new services is a need for new equipment. If you want eBooks, you need an eReader. If you want satellite radio stations, you need a satellite radio. SiriusXM is offering you the chance to get beyond that initial cost by offering FREE radios when you sign up for a subscription. The length of the subscription depends on the radio you are getting. Some of the better radios aren't free but rather discounted so if you want the super high end stuff, you may have to pay a bit.

I have SiriusXM built into my truck but I've never used it. It doesn't hold a huge amount of interest for me but there are two guys who I work with that absolutely swear by it. One guy is borderline obsessed, I think. I guess it all comes down to what you need. I listen to about 17 hours of pod casts a week and I am always listening to audio books so I don't need SiriusXM. Check out the SiriusXM channel list, I'm sure there will be a lot for you to listen to.

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  • Rodney D.
    As a former SiriusXM subscriber, I can shed some light on this promotion. First off, despite the merger of Sirius and XM a few years ago, and despite the fact that most of the basic programming remains the same across both Sirius and XM radios, the fact of the matter is there are two different types of satellites, and therefore, two different signals of satellite radio out there: those that work on the Sirius signal, and those that work on the XM signal. This promotion affects radios associated with the XM signal, so anyone interested in Howard Stern or other Sirius premium channels, prepare to pay a higher price. If the basic XM channels are all you are interested in, the cheapest yearly subscription to XM Canada will run you $175.89, which translates to close to $15 a month. Hidden costs? According to SiriusXM: "Taxes, and a monthly Music Royalty and Regulatory Fee of $2.27 apply. A $30 one-time Activation fee may apply." So all in all, this looks to be a hefty commitment for one year of satellite radio. The way I got into satellite radio was through WagJag promotions (they've run two such promotions over the past two years) where the basic XM satellite radio (most recently the Onyx EZ), complete with activation and 3 months of service would cost you around $30. To me this is a far more realistic price and certainly a less hefty commitment. Right now I'm just hoping a third such WagJag promotion comes to light (I cancelled service on my two XM radios in the fall of last year and have been missing it somewhat...just not missing it enough to spend the regular price of $18 a month for it : \
    • Shawn M.
      An article so nice, they posted twice!