Simply Colors Canada: Free Shipping

Simply Colors Canada: Free Shipping

Thanks to Mooser Natasha for dropping us a line about this promotion. Simply Colors has amalgamated websites so their Canadian and US websites are all one! This allows them to keep costs down and continue to provide the quality and speed of service they are known for. To commemorate the transition they are offering 3 days of free shipping!

Operations are still going to run from Canada and products will be shipped from Canada.

What is Simply Colors you might ask? Well, they make personalized clothing for babies and children.

Natasha had this to say:

I just got this email from Simply Colors. The deal is at the bottom: Free shipping September 15,16, and 17th! I've ordered from them before and their shirts make great gifts! Sooo cute!

Thanks so much. :-)

No coupon code needed. Free shipping expires 17th, September 2011.


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