Silkberrybaby Coupon Code Exclusive: 50% Discount

Silkberrybaby Coupon Code Exclusive: 50% Discount

Silkberrybaby is a Canadian boutique specialising in natural, healthy, breathable and comfortable bedding products for babies and toddlers. They've contacted Bargainmoose with a super coupon code for 50% discount on anything in their store, specially for the Bargainmoosers! Here are the details:

Click here to use the silkberrybaby coupon code online

  • CouponCode: MOOSE
  • Discount: 50% off
  • Expires: 30th September 2011

As an example, the 100% bamboo summer baby sleeping sack is $49.99, but drops to $25 when you apply the coupon code. Here's a customer quote about that particular item:

It really is beautiful, great quality. He must have been very warm and cozy because he slept in till 8am this morning (which really never happens).

Isn't that a blessing! I am lucky in that my little girl has always been a brilliant sleeper - usually 12 to 14 hours per night!

I was gifted something very similar to this 100% silk fleece baby blanket. You can buy it there for $48.99, but it's $24.50 with the coupon code. The one I have is super soft!

Shipping depends on how much you spend, but starts at $9.99. The minimum spend for free shipping is $150, which is a bit on the high side. You could consider ordering a few things with friends or family though, to make your order up to that level to get free shipping. Checkout seems to be by paypal only.

Personally, I was never that fussy about the bedding for my baby. When she was tiny, I just swaddled her in a soft blanket. Now, she just uses basic cotton sheets in her crib with a sleep sack. I know some moms can be terribly fussy about the bedding though. The baby is in there for a huge chunk of their time, so they want to make sure they're using what's best for baby.


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