Shylling Brio Pull Along Bumble Bee Now $15 @

Shylling Brio Pull Along Bumble Bee Now $15 @

As soon as kids can walk, they start getting inventive about things they can pull behind them. Rather than have your bras or broom dragged through the house, why not invest in one of these adorable Shylling Brio Pull Along Bumble Bee Baby Toy from Amazon Canada? This toy would regularly cost you $28.99, but since it is on sale for 47% off you will pay just $15.48 for this high quality Brio pull along toy. Spend $25 to get free shipping from, unless you have Amazon Prime. In which case, you will get free shipping on this item.

When I last wrote about this same item, it sold out within the hour. The Schylling Brio Pull Along Bumble Bee Toy is not only adorable, but it will also entertain your little one for quite a while. My almost 3 year old son still occasionally plays with his pull along giraffe and I got it on sale for $15, so seeing this pull along bee on sale for the same price almost has me clicking the "add to cart" button and I don't even have an infant.

Just take a look at this item's price comparison and you will be adding this adorable toy to your cart for sure:

  • $24.95 @
  • $25.00 @
  • $60.59 @

This classic toy is made of solid wood. As your child pulls the Brio Bumblebee behind them, the wings will spin and the antennae will bob. You will also notice a buzzing sound to mimic that of an actual bee. The faster you go, the faster the wings go. The wood is sanded to be silky smooth and is finished with a high gloss seal so the toy will last virtually forever. This toy is best suited for children ages 12 months and up, but my son started playing with his around 6 months. Just be mindful of the string and that your child doesn't get themselves tangled up.

Amazon Canada also offers free standard shipping on all orders over $25.

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