Shoppers Drug Mart Canada Spend Your Points Weekend!

Shoppers Drug Mart Canada Spend Your Points Weekend!


It's back!  The Shoppers Drug Mart spend your points event weekend is back on all weekend long.  You will get extra savings and you will be able to redeem up to $200 off per order with your Shoppers Drug Mart Optimum points on Saturday July 19 and Sunday July 20th only.

This redemption event happens every few months at Shoppers Drug Mart and it is very popular.  With this event, you can head into your local Shoppers and spend your Optimum points for more than they are actually worth, getting you a ton of free items.  Up to $200 worth in fact.

Here are the redemption levels this weekend:

  • Spend 50,000 points, get $100 off (extra $15)
  • Spend 95,000 points, get $200 off (extra $30)

All of the regular conditions will apply, such as not being able to use your points to purchase gifts cards, tobacco or stamps and a few other items.  You will be able to do up to two redemptions on each of the days for a possible $800 of free items!  That's just a crazy deal!

I like to save up my points for the redemption events and grab things that I will need for groceries, birthday gifts, beauty items and even Christmas gifts.  I like to think ahead as to what may be coming in up the next couple of months and shop ahead.  This is how I got half of my Christmas gifts for friends and family free last year.  I used my points on a redemption day.

You will be able to shop the beauty items, electronics, daily grocery and household items, and all of it can be redeemed for your points.  They even have cards, magazines and books in store.

One of the best ways to get the most out of your points is to use coupons as well.  You can use coupons on products that you are redeeming and get even more than $200 free.  For example, if you have $25 worth of items and $50 worth of coupons, you will still get it all for free.

As always, you will have to pay the tax on your total but that is so small compared to what you will be getting for free. If you are spending a different amount than the levels listed above, all other redemption levels will remain the same.

(Expiry: 20th July 2014)


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