Shopkins Sale + Free Shopkins Gifts With Purchase @ Showcase

Shopkins Sale + Free Shopkins Gifts With Purchase @ Showcase

This is a Shopkins sale that you will want to really look around and see what deals you can put into your cart—I was browsing around the website for a gift for my niece, I noticed as I put some sale Shopkins into my cart I was offered free gifts!

For example, when I added this Shopkins Mega Pack Season 4 into my cart for $25 down from $30, a note at the top of the cart showed me this: "Special Offer: You qualify for a Free Shopkins Season 3, 5-Pack. Please Add to Cart and the Discount will be Applied." That is a free $10 gift!

The Season 2, 5 pack is on sale for $5 down from $13. Who knows, you might get the one Shopkin that your child needs to finish their collection! Just Like Ariel in the Disney song: "Wouldn't you think, my collection's complete?" Bet you are going to be singing that song today, too! I know I am.

I was asked via pop up window if I wanted to add another free $5 Mystery Gift pack into my cart when I added this Shopkins 12 pack Season 3 that is on sale for $16 down from $25. Make sure you don't click on the 'No Thanks' button. I don't know why they would have a 'No Thanks' button because I don't know anyone who would say no to a free gift, let alone a free mystery gift pack! Free mystery gift is available only with purchase, and there's a limit of one per customer.

At this point, my cart had $36 worth of product in it, and I only needed $4 more to receive free shipping. So for $6, I added this Season 4 Surprise Egg, 2 pack.

Now I have the perfect gift for a special niece who collects Shopkins!

Shipping is free on items over $40, or starting at around $10 if purchase is under $40.

(Expiry date: Unknown)


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