Shopify: 14-day Free Trial

Shopify: 14-day Free Trial


If you are considering opening up an online store, you should consider Shopify. Right now you can do it with no commitment with their 14-day free trial.

Did you know that small businesses are booming lately? People hunger for small, family-owned and unique businesses to buy from. I think people are getting tired of having the same item as 50 of their friends, mass-produced in factories in some third-world country with a 95% markup. It is nice to know you can get items from a mom down the street, who hand makes everything different and the profits go to her, not a bigwig.

If you are ready to open an online store, Shopify does everything. You don't need technical or design experience - you just customize, add products and get paid! You can accept credit cards in your store, and it is secure. You can generate coupon codes, something our Bargainmoosers absolutely love! You have unlimited 24/7 support for times when things just aren't going as you had hoped.

Shopify already helps over 70,000 stores, so all of those can't be wrong.

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  • Anna W.
    We've written about a few stores here on Bargainmoose that use Shopify as a storefront mechanism - it seems to be a very good service.