There's a Minnie Mouse Headband for Dogs!

Why leave your pup out of all the fun?
There's a Minnie Mouse Headband for Dogs!

National Dog Day was earlier this week, and my Instagram feed was pretty much flooded with puppy pictures all day. The only thing that could have made those doggos even cuter? A Minnie Mouse headband!

I almost didn't believe it until I saw this for myself, but in addition to all their human-sized headbands, Disney now makes one for dogs. It has an adjustable strap to securely fit under your pup's chin, and this might be the most adorable doggone thing I've ever seen. And how sweet would it be as a Halloween costume?

The Minnie Mouse Ear Headband for Dogs is part of the new Disney Tails Collection for Pets, but this is easily the pièce de résistance. It's made from soft, glittery plush mouse ears and sells online for about $19.95 CAD. The only real downside is that it only comes in one size and is probably best suited for larger dogs.

While they don't make a human-size pair in the exact same colour palette, this Briar Rose Gold Ear Headband comes pretty close. And you know you want to match your pooch! If you'd rather mix things up a little, it would also pair really nicely with the Disney Princess Tiara Ears Headband – but it doesn't stop there.

Of course Disney went the extra mile and also collaborated with Pandora on this Rose Ear Headband Charm. And for those of you who are already counting down the days until Christmas, wait until you see this. They also sell a Minnie Mouse Briar Rose Gold Ear Headband Ornament! Shipping costs to Canada vary.

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