Up to 86% Off Caps @ Boathouse Up to 86% Off Caps @ Boathouse

shop is offering an extra 50% off hats in the Boathouse store when you buy two or more.

One of the beauties of this little offer is that it includes some very styles hats that your Dad might really like and Father's Day is coming up pretty quick. Now you might be thinking that 50% off hats is an okay deal, but not like the "grand puba" of deals, right? WRONG. The real beauty of this deal is that it stacks on top of already discounted hats for some pretty spectacular savings.

This DC Shoes M. Blanderson Trucker in cyan was $19.99 and is now on sale for $9.99. The white version of the hat is also on sale from $19.99 down to only $9.99. Now, you stick those two boys in the cart together and your entire cart total comes down to $9.99: which means you are only paying $4.99 a hat. That is 75% off the original price of each hat.

Next, may I introduce you to the Dirty Ghetto Kids Making Something 5 Panel Hatin black which was $44.99 and is on sale right now for $19.99. Add that baby to your cart and maybe match it up with the same hat in back/green and both hats will come down to just $9.99 each. You are saving around 76% per hat on these boys.

The best deal is on this The Hundreds Patch Adam Snapback. The hat is already 71% off the original price of $35... now only $9.99. When you add the hat to your cart with any other hat then it will come down to just $4.99. You can mix and match any of the hats in the Boathouse store so you could pick up this hat and one of the DC hats, or whatever combo you like.

While most the hats in the Boathouse are regular price, these hats and a few others are on sale. There is also a selection of about five hats that are on sale for 43% off already, so when you add an extra 50% off on top of that discount you are really getting a fantastic deal on hats.

With offering free shipping on everything with no minimum, you could not ask for a better deal than this. If you add your Aeroplan card on to your account before making your purchase, then you will also earn Aeromiles on your purchase as well. Every little bonus certainly adds up.

So, which two hats are you going to buy? You can always buy more than two, just a minimum of two is needed for the promotion.

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