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Paderno is such a trusted name in the kitchen. It is great to get these items at a discount as kitchen items can get expensive when you get good quality.

Because I am always losing flatware, I was particularly interested in the Cabot 20-piece cutlery set. I am actually very picky (some would call peculiar) when it comes to what I eat and drink on and with. I like a nice heavy fork, spoon and knife, and I like it to be elegant looking. I sound a little ridiculous but I find it makes my eating experience more pleasurable. This set looks perfect for me and it is only $39.99, with a suggested retail of $59.99, but Paderno sells it for $79.99.

I am also always on the lookout for good deals on high-quality cookware, like this eco-pan platinum 12" frying pan. I love the white colour as with time, you'll see its use, which I think makes for a nicer pan. This one is only $39.99 with a suggested retail of $139.99!

I recently told you about the email that PayPal is sending select people, where you'll get an additional $25 off your $75 order at This might be a great time to use it.

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