UGCA Golf Shirts 3 For $100 UGCA Golf Shirts 3 For $100


If Dad likes to golf, or dress like a golfer, this deal at might help you get your Father's Day gift checked off the list. Get three UGCA golf shirts for only $110. These shirts retail for $59.99 each, so you are saving $70 by getting three. I price compared and also found them selling for $59.99 at UGCAgolf. Add our exclusive $10 off $50 coupon to get three shirts for only $100!

The creator of these shirts wanted to bring together his passion for golf with his Underground lifestyle, specifically the Underground subway in London, England. He wanted to bring something different to the golfing industry with a different sort of look. With a husband who golfs a lot and loves it, I know he would love this style of shirt. It looks and feels good and is something you want to wear for a long day on the links.

All of the available shirts are polo style, but there are more plain ones like this Stockwell style, or more flashy like the Colindale. With the three for $110 discount, you'll get each shirt for just over $33. If you look around at other stores selling golf polos, you know that you can't get a good quality one for less than $40, and with free shipping, like you'll get at

Perhaps you could get all of your Father's Day shopping out of the way in one go - Dad, father-in-law and husband, and add a day of golfing pass along with the gift for some quality time for all of them together!

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