Otterbox Phone Cases Only $29.97 Otterbox Phone Cases Only $29.97

otter box has 40% off all Otterbox phone cases selling them now for only $29.97, was $49.99. I price compared a few of them to stores like Best Buy, and Walmart, who offer them for $40 and up.

I have an Otterbox for my Samsung phone and it works great considering my kids often steal my phone and it gets banged around quite a bit. I personally don't understand why these phones don't have such protection built-in - that just makes sense to me. My husband spent over $80 on his Otterbox for his iPhone then decided it looked nicer without the case. Within a day the phone fell out of his pocket when he bent over to get something and now the screen is smashed. Looks so nice with that smashed screen now. Be smart, protect your phone!

If you are worried about how it looks, there are lots of rugged styles like this manly AP Blazed or the camo/orange combo case with holster. For something more feminine, the pink camo is nice and so is the AP Pink. Basic black is always a good choice too.

Shipping will be free, no matter what you buy, as they have totally free shipping with no minimum.

Photo Credit: Kees de Vos

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