Gardena Easy Cut Turbo Trimmer $30 Off Gardena Easy Cut Turbo Trimmer $30 Off has some earth-friendly items on sale today for Earth Day, including the Gardena Turbotrimmer Accucut 450 Li, on sale for $30 off, now only $169.99.

It's time to get those overgrown weeds and out-of-control lawns in order, and the turbotrimmer is the way to do it. Light and easy to use, this is especially suitable for long lawn edges and hard-to-access areas. With a long handle and extra-large switch, this machine is effortless. The adjustable and telescopic additional handle lets you guide the trimmer with ease. With a 90 degree edge cut, overhanging edges are easily trimmed. Get under things with ease as the handle has an angle adjustment.

What's even better is that it is low-noise, so your ears won't be ringing at the end of the job. Your flowers will stay perfect, even with you trimming beside them because of the plant guard. Your kids will also stay perfect as there is a safety switch to prevent against accidental operation.

You'll get not only the trimmer, but also an accu-pack, battery charger, magazine for spare blades and 20 spare blades. The lithium battery lets you work for approximately 30 minutes without having to recharge, which is about 1000m of lawn edge. Charging time is only three hours.

If this is your first purchase from, sign up to get $25 off your purchase over $100, getting your cost down to just $144.99. You'll also earn rewards for future purchases.

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