Free Cymbal Set With Drum Purchase Free Cymbal Set With Drum Purchase

Get a free set of Zildjian cymbals with a CB percussion five-piece kit at

Looking to add some music to your life and want to make some big noise? Drums are the obvious choice. I've always had an affinity for drums, and of course, drummers. Unfortunately, I am so not musically inclined. I'm so bad that when I tried to play the drums in grade 8 music, I was banished to the bells. You know, the one you ding once or twice in an entire song. But, if you are a song murderer like me, get yourself these drums, learn a killer Van Halen song and prove them all wrong! This also makes a great gift for grandparents to give their grandkids.

The drum set is $299, was $364.99, with a suggested retail price of $599.95. The cymbals retail for $102.99, but have a suggested retail price of $210. Doing my own research, the cymbal price is around $100 at other stores and the drums sell for quite a bit more than the $299, so this is a wicked deal.

These drums are for the beginning drummer and comes in your choice of black, bronze, indigo, wine, platinum and steel. You'll get a 22" x 15" bass, 12" x 9" deep and 13" x 10" deep toms with heavy duty mounts, 16" x 16" floor tom, and a 5-1/2" x 14" 6 lug matching wood snare.

Simply add the percussion set and the cymbals to your cart and the cymbals will show as no charge.

Shipping is free!

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