Cobra Jumpack Power Charger Only $130 Cobra Jumpack Power Charger Only $130

charger has a great deal on a Cobra Jumpack MB power charger. This thing is really cool! They are selling it for $129.99 with a regular price of $164.99. I couldn't find this online at any Canadian stores to price compare.

Basically here is what you can do with this power charger:

  • jumpstart your car
  • charge multiple mobile devices
  • use it as a flashlight

This is the perfect item to keep in your vehicle for emergencies, especially for when like, your phone goes dead. Or when you are stranded with a dead car battery or your car breaks down in the middle of the night. I think this would also make the perfect and most practical Father's Day Gift or gift for a child branching out on their own.

I'd like one of these for my vehicle and maybe even one for my kitchen as it has such multiple uses.

If you read Anna's post a few days ago, you noticed that you could get $15 off any $30 order with promo code. Add that to this deal and get the power charger for a grand total of $114.99. As always, you'll also get free shipping too.

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