BOGO 50% Off All Sunglasses BOGO 50% Off All Sunglasses

All sunglasses are buy one, get one 50% off at Don't forget, if this is your first purchase, you can get $25 off when you spend over $100.

Sunglass season is upon us and for me, I can't find one single pair of sunglasses from last year. Good for me, because that means I get to buy myself a new pair. Woot! What's even better is that I can buy two pairs with this sale, one for the car and one for when I lose the ones in the car.

Check out these Skyvan Phantom women's sunglasses, with anti-scratch and anti-glare lenses. $54.99

If I bought those, I could snag these Vanguard sunglasses for my husband, also with anti-scratch, anti-glare and silver mirror features for only $27.50, regularly $54.99.

Get these unique Mickey Mouse inspired glasses in yellow for only $29, and not just because Lady Gaga thinks they are cool. Add these V.P.I. 1025 aviators that are totally cool, and not just because Tom Cruise says so. They look hot! Get them for $14.

Shipping is always free and you'll get rewards for every purchase you make. You could buy all four pairs of glasses for only $100.49 if this is your first purchase, plus get more rewards for future purchases.

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