Ship Anything From $13.49 @ Canada Post

Ship Anything From $13.49 @ Canada Post

"If it fits, it ships! There is exciting news for those of us with family and friends across the country. Canada Post has introduced new flat-rate shipping boxes which allow you to ship up to 5 kg anywhere in Canada. The boxes are available in three different sizes and range in cost from $13.49-$19.99.

With flat rate shipping, you will no longer need to reuse those Amazon boxes, measure and calculate shipping rates. Simply pack the box provided by Canada Post and mail. The price includes: the box, postage, on-time delivery guarantee, tracking and up to $100 of liability coverage.

Currently you can only purchase the flat-rate shipping boxes at select locations although they can be mailed from any post office across Canada. However, it is expected that the flat-rate boxes will be available at more locations soon.

I can't wait to mail all the noisy toys to my nephew for his birthday. It's payback folks!


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