Shell Contest: Win $150 Free Gas with Bargainmoose!

*** Contest now closed, winner was Bargainmooser Linda!! ***

With the rising cost of gas prices, would anyone say no to $150 worth of free gas from Shell Canada? I am sure that none of the Bargainmoosers would turn their noses up at that! Read on to see how to enter this Canadian contest...

Just for your interest, right now, Shell are holding a contest of their own, where you could win 95,000 AIR MILES reward miles just for shopping at Shell (ends 2nd June 2013). To enter, you just need to activate your AIR MILES Cash account, and then present your collector card when you make a minimum $20 purchase at Shell.

I'd love to win the 95k Air Miles! My ideal trip to spend it on would be return flights to South Africa. I'd love to visit Table Mountain and Cape Town, they're on my travel bucket list. Even if both my partner and I travelled, we'd still have a few leftover miles for more travel treats.

How to enter:

  • Leave a comment below on this post on Bargainmoose, stating where you'd imagine travelling if you had 95k Air Miles to spend (1 entry)
  • Leave a link to this contest on twitter (make sure to add @bargainmoose to your message) (1 entry)
  • Post a link to this contest on your Facebook wall - like Bargainmoose's Facebook too! (1 entry)


  • Canadian entrants only
  • One entry per household
  • Ends 30th April 2013
  • Admin’s decision is final in all cases and contest may be subject to change


  • Sandra
    I would like to take the family to Europe
  • Jessy
    I'd love to go to the UK! Here's my tweet:
  • emma w.
    I would travel to Australia or Fiji if I won all those airmiles.
  • emma w.
  • Colin
    My wife and I would go to Italy.
  • Jennifer L.
    I'd love to go to New Zealand.
  • Pat M.
    I would love to travel to Hawaii if I won.
  • Erica
    We'd travel back to Iceland. It is so beautiful and my 2 youngest have yet to go....
  • Dora B.
    I would take the family to Italy to meet my extended family!
  • Kiesh
    We'd travel to Australia!
  • Bluenoser
    My husband and I keep saying our next trip will be to France...when we get the time... Maybe in 2015? :)
  • Trish E.
    I would travel to New Zealand - one of the places on my bucket list
  • Tina R.
    I would love to travel to Ireland. So much history and culture.
  • Blair
    Would like to travel to Australia.
  • Alex
    My wife and I have always wanted to go to Ireland/Scotland to find our long lost relatives
  • Catherine K.
    Haven't checked their site lately to see what the redemption rate is, but would love to get to Japan to visit my younger brother and his family. My nephew is turning 3 in Dec and I have only seen him twice in person. :-(
  • Lynn
    I would explore, Italy,
  • Lindsay
    We would travel to Kenya!
  • Donnas
    Australia, or New Zealand or Hawaii. All three are on my bucket list.
  • lilpeej
    Wow ... 95,000 Airmiles! I would love to make my dream come true and tour Hong Kong, Vietnam and Thailand.
  • Sylvia
    Would absolutely love to have a family trip to Alaska!
  • Janine
    I would travel to Australia if I had 95k air miles to spend!!
  • Norma
    I'd love to go to Bali...all the pics I've seen are so beautiful, relaxing and romantic...I hope I win so ny dream cn come true
  • Moe
    I would love to visit Iceland and Norway!
  • Raelene
    I would love to go to Ireland, Scotland, Wales and England. It has been a dream of mine for years to see where my Grandafther grew up.
  • Sonya
    I would go to Costa Rica, it is such an incredible country.
  • Ceecee
    I would travel to Australia and NZ!
  • Shonagh
    I would take my girls to Scotland to meet their relatives! They have so much family there that they have never met!!!
  • Leanne b.
    Hawaii - we love it there
  • katama381
    My husband and I could go to London, England for my brother-in-law's 10th anniversary celebration
  • Mike G.
    I would fly to Hawaii with my family!
  • Tabi
    I would go to Europe with my mom since no one in our family has been there!
  • Angela G.
  • Lorraine
    I would travel to Cape Town and tour South Africa. What an adventure that would be.
  • whitney
    95k…I think I would do a nice vacay in tahiti!! it's on my list!!
  • Laura
    New Zealand to visit a friend!
  • tsui
    will be celebrating my 11th year anniversary this year and would love to go to mauritius without the kids...i have 3 under the age of 7! ;P
  • Kim N.
    I'd love to take my kids to Vietnam!!
  • Catherine
    Australia and Hawaii are on my hit parade!
  • KittyPride
    I would go to Maui!
  • Andrew P.
    I would use it towards a trip to either Vietnam, Hong Kong or Japan.
  • UncleStuart
    Sri Lanka
  • Leisau C.
    I would love to visit New Zealand.
  • AidieB
    I would travel the trans siberian railway!
  • Lady L.
    I would go see my children, family and then head out east to the maritimes.
  • Brandy
    My family would love to fly to Disneyworld.
  • Brandy
    Posted on fb - Brandy H
  • Josie
    I'd love to go to Italy
  • Josie
  • Josie
    shared on facebook - Josie Fiorda
  • Karry K.
    I would love to travel to Italy
  • Elaine
    Europe trip that I've been waiting for years for!
  • Karry K.
    Shared on Facebook Karry Knisley
  • tiffany
    Hawaii. hawaii
  • Pip
    I would take my mom to either Hawaii or Ireland - her choice!
  • Elisha
    Ooh, I'd go to Turkey, I think? Maybe visit a few other places on the Mediterranean while I was there... :)
  • judy
    love to win
  • Anon
    Las Vegas!
  • Al
    Would love to take a family trip to either Italy or Alaska!
  • Fatema
    I would put it towards flights for my family to Orlando!
  • Lindsay T.
    I'd take my family to Disney World! Can't wait to take the kids there for the first time.
  • Lynne H.
    I'd go to Vegas, baby:)
  • Lynne H.
    tweeted (cdn_honey)
  • Tracey L.
    posted to FB
  • Ali
    Australia! Also tweeted and Facebooked.
  • Nick
    I would definitely go to Tahiti !
  • Angela T.
    Any family friendly adventure tour in a warm climate would be so fabulous for us!
  • Paula
    I would fly back home more often to Ontario!
  • Melissa
    I would take the family to Orlando. We plan to do Disney in a couple years but it is going to be a looooooong drive.
  • Amy
    I'd love to visit Australia :)
  • blackninjatj
    New Zealand is my number one choice. After that, I would look towards Chile or Argentina!
  • Betty C.
    I would go to Vienna to visit old friends and old haunts.
  • Betty
    I would love to travel to Ireland & Scotland but then I'd also love to go to Greece... Decisions, decisions, LOL!
  • Betty
  • Betty
    Shared publicly on FB as Betty Carter
  • Carol
    Shared for people to have a chance to win. Good luck everyone
  • claudia
    I would spend like a month in Hawaii, hoping around the islands and then go to Japan!
  • claudia
  • claudia
    shared on facebook!
  • Linda P.
    I would drop everything and go to Hawaii, thanks for the great contest
  • Belinda M.
    I would take a wonderful trip to Venice, Italy with my son and my boyfriend
  • Belinda M.
  • Belinda M.
    shared on facebook
  • Jeanne
    I would love to take my family to Hawaii
  • Marie T.
    Paris -- I fell in love with France on my first visit five years ago -- and the UK to research my ancestors. Thanks!
  • Jessica L.
    Hawaii! I've never been and I'm DYINGGGGG to go there! I also liked this on FB!
  • cuteba
    I would go to the Grand Canyon and rent a plane there and fly myself through the canyon! Something I've been wanting to do since I got my pilot's licence! :))
  • Catherine
    I will go to disney's!
  • Christina M.
    I'd like to see Iceland!
  • Janet J.
    Paris & London on my bucket list!
  • Linda Q.
    I would definitely love to go to Australia!
  • Julie
    I'd go on a Mediterranean Cruise with my best friend---my husband! Ahhhh....I can see us now!!
  • Leo
    I would love to travel to Europe, and go backpacking haha
  • megan
    southern italy, i think. or greece. or both!
  • megan
    shared on FB -- em.bee.397
  • Adam
  • Terri
    Australia, Fiji, Hawaii, the possibilities!!!
  • Linda
    I'd love to go to Antartica.
  • RodneyDickson
    I would travel either to the west of Canada or to Italy, whichever 95000 Air Miles would allow for return airfare for two.
  • mortician01
    Would take my girls to where I use to moosehunt up the Abitibi River after leaving from the docks @ Smooth Rock Falls.
  • Jenny
    Rome for sure!
  • Kevin S.
    I would love to travel to Vancouver and Montana
  • Andrew P.
    Tweeted -
  • Jasen H.
    With 95k air miles I'd travel to Nepal
  • Jasen H.
    Tweet -
  • Jasen H.
    Shared on Facebook.
  • Scott
    If I had 95,000 Air Miles to spend, I would take my family to Hawaii. Heck, I might even leave them there.
  • ginette4
    I would love to travel to Germany
  • jamie t.
    a trip to iceland is dreamy to me
  • ginette4
  • Johanne
    I would take my family to Hawaii!!
  • zahra p.
    With 95K miles, I would travel to Japan with my bf. Its one of those places we're dying to visit.
  • Cathy C.
    I would take my son to California to skateboard as many skateparks as we could find!
  • Cathy C.
    shared on twitter @CantonCathy
  • Cathy C.
    Shared on Facebook Cathy Canton
  • Kathryn
  • Catfish
    Down under to Australia
  • Karla S.
    I would travel to Florida!~!
  • Josh S.
    I would try to visit Europe.
  • Josh S.
  • Josh S.
    shared on facebook
  • Dianne G.
    If I had that many airmiles I would use it to visit my daughter and her family in Boston.
  • Dianne G.
    Tweet -
  • Dianne G.
    I follow on Facebook and posted the giveaway
  • Jane
    I would love to travel to Ireland to possibly meet relatives
  • Darwin
    I would travel to Europe with the family.
  • Darwin
    shared on facebook
  • Darwin
  • Kaylee A.
    To Cuba! with my lovely mom for mother's day! <3
  • Megan
    I would go to Florida!
  • Hans B.
    If i had that many Air miles i'd go see my Dad he's 74 he's really sick right now. My dad lives in 70 mile.we don't have a car or truck. got 5 kid's to.
  • margaux

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