Selfie Mic on Clearance for $5 @ Chapters

Selfie Mic on Clearance for $5 @ Chapters

The Selfie Mic just sold out online at Chapters, but we'll keep an eye out and see if it pops up for this price anywhere else!

OMG! If the kids have been asking for the Selfie Mic, now's the time to buy it, since Chapters has them on sale for $5, down from $29.95!

Just imagine how much fun this would be for the kids to open on Christmas morning! You know they'll get the entire family to join in on the fun – and at 83% off, how can you say no?

This adjustable selfie stick connects to your smartphone and uses a working microphone, earpiece and free app to let you create your own music videos!

The kiddos can sing, lip sync and perform to all kinds of songs on the StarMaker app, including ones from Ed Sheeran, Taylor Swift, Justin Bieber and more. Just choose your track, add all the fun filters and effects you want and hit record!

I'm definitely going to give this one a try, too! (But maybe when no one's looking.)

Orders over $25 ship free, or you can ship any order to a store for free.


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  • RYP

    Awesome! I ordered one and had it shipped to the store for free. Great deal.