Self Stirring Coffee Mug $14.99 @ Amazon Seller: Silk Thread

Self Stirring Coffee Mug $14.99 @ Amazon Seller: Silk Thread

Ever sit down at your desk just to realize you forgot to stir your coffee? Never. Again. Amazon Canada's seller Silk Thread has this amazing Self Stirring Coffee Mug by Chuzy Chef and you're going to need this in your life. For $14.99, you'll never have to stir your coffee again.

The Self Stirring Mug by Chuzy Chef is designed for your on-the-go life. It can hold 8 oz of your favourite hot drink, anytime. Just press the button on the handle and the fluid motor will stir your drink for you! Your friends are going to be so impressed. We are not responsible for any distractions this mug may cause, it is freakin' awesome. Use responsibly.

This mug is sold by Silk Thread but fulfilled by Amazon Canada themselves. Get free shipping on orders over $35.


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  • Williamson P.

    I thought it was a glazed doughnut producing mug.

    • Judy B.

      Are we really that lazy that we have to make the mug stir. :joy: