Self-Making Bed?! 40% Off @

Self-Making Bed?! 40% Off @

Okay - a bed that makes itself is intriguing for sure, but is this practical?

Imagine getting out of bed everyday and not having to worry about making the bed. Apparently, this SmartDuvet Breeze makes itself during the day while you are out and about.

Let's not skip the heating/cooling aspect, where the bed can have two different temperature settings for either side. That aspect would be perfect, because I am always cold and my hubby is always hot. Less couch sleeping for him - yay!

Get this - you can even preheat the bed a few minutes before you are ready to climb in.

Now, this duvet is designed to force itself back into the "made" position over the course of the day, so you come home from work and have a bed that is already ready for you. The price (right now) is $199 USD down from $359 at This is for a PRE-ORDER if you are interested in making the purchase. Shipping is $24.

But - would you use it? Would you pay that amount?

Do you really think it will work as it says it does?


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  • triciachin

    LOL!  My hubs says it's witchcraft and it can't come into our house.