Selectrugs Father's Day Sale: 2 Days Only (Up To 50% Off)

Selectrugs Father's Day Sale: 2 Days Only (Up To 50% Off)

Over at, the Canadian floor covering company, there's a sale happening for a couple of days over the Father's Day celebrations. Depending on how many rugs you purchase, you can get a certain discount.

This is the discount amount:

  • 50% off your first rug
  • 45% off your second rug
  • 40% off additional rugs

I started to think about if this sale really made sense... because if you want more than one rug, then why not make separate orders and get 50% off that rug each time? But, it does say that there is a limit of one per household, so I am assuming they'll only accept one order for this discounted amount.

I was browsing through the kids rugs, and there are some really cute ones in there. I love this road map style rug, I always wanted one of those when I was young! Prices on that start from $15.95 for a small one, then on upwards in price from that. I also like this square block rug, would be a nice and colourful addition to a child's room. It is priced from $70.60, again, upwards from that, depending on what size you choose.

Everything on the site comes with free shipping.

(Expiry 18th June 2012)


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