Secret Swiss Chalet Promo Code For Free Starters!

Secret Swiss Chalet Promo Code For Free Starters!

15th February 2009 - I’ve just found this secret method which could enable you to get a free starter when you make an online order from!! When you choose which food items you want to order, add them to your cart. Then click the “Enter a Validation/promo code” button towards the bottom of your cart.

Here’s the deal – enter Swiss chalet promo code SC34**** and replace those 4 asterisks with any 4 numbers. You might have to try this a few times to find yourself a working voucher code. The reason you have to mess about with the 4 digits is that these are unique Swiss Chalet promo codes and can only be used once. I managed to get a test order working with the coupon code SC341976.

When you see “Enjoy your complimentary starter!” you’ve entered a correct promo code!

Swiss Chalet offered me a choice of:

  • 12oz.Cup of Chalet Chicken Soup
  • Garden Salad
  • Perogies
  • Greek Salad
  • Caesar Salad

For free!!!

Good luck, and let us know if you manage to get this Swiss Chalet deal working!

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  • Momma_mia
    Very good. I hope to make a Swiss Chalet order tonight and I will try this out when I do. They're really great to order a meal when I don't feel like cooking!
    • briz
      worked for us!!!
      • Anna
        Excelente mis amigos!! Glad to hear it works :)
        • tam
          i got it to work too!!! i orderes online since i am having company for lunch and i got the caesar side using the code ****1952... thank you so much!
          • Brad
            Worked for me.... Free perogies... Even more yummy Took about 6 shots to find one that worked.
            • Nicole
              Just worked for me! I had to try about a million codes, but eventually I got my free perogies :)
              • Anna
                You know, they taste so much better when they're free!
                • Val
                  worked!!! yay! tried 23 million codes but its worth it!
                  • sarah
                    didn't work for me. tried six numbers, and it went back to order screen then wouldnt let me get anything or get into the promo screen again...
                    • Anna
                      Sarah - you have to keep trying until you find one that works. By now, I'm sure a lot of the unique codes will be taken :)
                      • ladonna
                        you know what you are doing by playing around with the second promo code to score a free app? you are actually screwing an honest sc customer to earned that promo code honestly out of their deserved freebie. i enjoy freebies like the rest of you but cheating a fellow canuck out of a free piece of pie is more that pathetic.
                        • Anna
                          Playing around with promo codes.... that's life!
                          • Helen
                            You're stealing by doing this. If you placed your own order, you too would EARN the right to a promo code by completing the customer satisfaction survey. Then you could use that with your next order. And so on, and so on, and so on. This way is just screwing someone over. But hey, if you're like Anna, and it tastes better when you've taken something that isn't yours, then ... well, actually, that's kind of sad.
                            • Anna
                              You're entitled to your opinion Helen. It just so happens that it is contrary to mine. :)
                              • Craig
                                I used it tonight 4/3/09 and used your tips and finally came up with a number that worked and stuff with my delivery. Thanks
                                • Jon
                                  Stop being a baby Helen.. it isn't stealing, its being smart and sneaky! tried about 40 codes and ended up using FIVE digits after the SC34 by accident but it worked. free soup mmmmm.. How's your free soup Helen? oh.. oh thats right.. you paid for yours. and to me, THAT is sad!
                                  • Janet
                                    Jon, since when is being sneaky a good thing? I agree with Helen, it is stealing.
                                    • Meg
                                      Wow it worked! Notice too that it goes in multiples of 3... So if 3053 doesn't work, add 3, 3056, 3059, 3062, etc.
                                      • Richard
                                        Wow... Didn't think it would work but after 4 tries, I now have free Perogies with my order!!! :) Thanks Anna!
                                        • dick
                                          SC shouldn't be issuing predictable codes. It would be easy for them to generate random strings instead. Maybe they'll learn for next time. Welcome to the Internet.