Sears: Save $200 on a KitchenAid Stand Mixer + Bonus 6 Pc Gift Set

Sears: Save $200 on a KitchenAid Stand Mixer + Bonus 6 Pc Gift Set


Sears Canada is currently having a lovely sale on Kitchenaid small appliances, where you can save 25% off select items. To see the entire sale, click here. When I was browsing I ran across a most impressive deal if you are a Kitchenaid fan, a KitchenAid Architect Series Stand Mixer with Glass Bowl and a bonus 6 Pc Gadget Set. The usual price (without the thrown in gadget set) is $549.99, and it is on sale for $349.99... you save $200!

Not only do you save $200, but you also get a nice 6 piece gadget set that a Euro Peeler, Ice Cream Scoop, Utility Whisk, Silicone Mixing Spatula, and Can Opener. These pieces aren't cheap, I just got a KitchenAid can opener about 6 months ago and it was around $20. The other pieces can't be far off that mark.

Though I have never used a stand mixer before, I can understand how great they would be, like last night: I was baking a chocolate chip date loaf and it asked me to cream the butter and sugar, no problem.. and then beat in the eggs, one at a time. So pretty much I had to cream the butter and sugar. Turn off the mixer. Put down the mixer. Break open an egg, put the egg in. Pick up the mixer, mix it in. Then repeat the process for the second egg. With a stand mixer I could have just broken in the eggs at my convenience without having to turn anything off or put anything down. Heavenly.


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  • Amitabh B.
    I just wanted to get a feel from the visitors here as to the performance and durability of this product. As we are all frugal deal hunters and people looking to get the most out of purchases, I want to ask the Kitchen Aid brand and product line are really all what they are hyped up to be? Does it warrant the higher than usual price tag? Thanks
    • joy
      I've had one for a few years and have never had any problems with it. I always wanted one but wouldn't spend the money since I don't use it that much. Someone had a chance to get one free and gave it to me. I still don't use it often enough to make it worth the $ but I do love it and am glad I got it free. I don't have any attachments but I think if I did I might use it more often. For a casual baker (a few times a month) I would say they aren't worth it but if you are an avid baker yes the quality is worth the $. Another thing to consider is the amount of space you have. I don't like how much room it takes on the counter so I put mine away so I end up having to lug it out each time I want to use it, which prevents me from using it more often!