Sears Canada Today Only: 60% Off Samsonite Luggage

Sears Canada Today Only: 60% Off Samsonite Luggage


I thought I would post up this deal for Samsonite luggage from Sears Canada, as I am a big fan of Samsonite. For today only, they're offering 60% off a select range!

There are 3 specific pieces of Samsonite luggage on offer, in 3 different colours - green check, red check or checkered.

And you should check out these Sears coupon codes which were previously posted to see if you can apply an extra discount.

I've owned a set of Samsonite hard sided luggage for about 8 years now. I really think they are excellent. They are incredibly hard-wearing. On one journey, I was left with a huge scratch in the outer plastic - if this had been a soft-sided case, there is no way it would have arrived intact.

And on another journey, the baggage handlers managed to totally rip off one of the handles. When I phoned Samsonite, they sent me a replacement handle for free. That was very good customer service.

The cases I have are slightly different to the above ones though, mine are a slightly older model. On these, I really like how there are 4 wheels at each corner, so you can wheel it along while it is upright, without having to tip it over.

UPDATE: The Samsonite was the offer on the 14th December 2010. On the 15th, they're offering 60% off Air Canada luggage now:


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  • joy
    The biggest problem with hard sided suitcases is how much they weigh. Most airlines have cut back on how much you can take and the suitcases alone take up most of that allowance.
    • Anna
      The Samsonite ones I have are very light indeed, I have no problems with that at all. It would likely vary across their product ranges though.