Sears Canada One Day Sale: Up To 50% Off Outdoor Toys

Sears Canada One Day Sale: Up To 50% Off Outdoor Toys

Get up to 50% off outdoor toys today only at Sears, during their one-day sale.

This weekend we bought a trampoline. It took my husband a few hours to get the mammoth beast set up, but once he did, the kids didn't leave the confines of the trampoline net all day. When it got too hot, we put the sprinkler underneath and that made it even more fun. We had a limit to how many kids were allowed on it, so when friends came to visit some had to wait outside for their turn. They sat there bored, whining and being totally annoying. So now we want to get something else fun that will take their mind off the trampoline when it isn't their turn. This sale at Sears may be just the thing we need today.

Although we no longer have room for something this large, this Big Backyard by Solowave Westwood setis a great deal. It even has two slides, two swings and four separate places for kids to play in and under the climber. That means no fighting! Was $1199.99, now $849.99.

I can't say enough about Cozy Coupe. Kids just love these little cars, even if they have to drive them like Fred Flintstone. I like the fact that they can't go very fast (like on the plasma car or their bike), so when I notice they are down the street, I can actually catch up! This Little Tikes Princess Cozy Truckis totally cute. Was $99.99, now $49.99.

One thing my kids don't have is a Power Wheels Hot Wheels Jeep. The neighbour boys have one and my kids fight over using it, but I haven't decided if I want one yet. What it would be great for is long walks that I like to take, so they don't get as tired out. Was $399.99, now $319.99.

All of these items have five-star reviews, which you can read for yourself on the Sears website.

Shipping depends on what you buy.

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