Sears Canada: Fisher Price Little People Wheelies Sky City Play Set Was $60 | Now $32

Sears Canada: Fisher Price Little People Wheelies Sky City Play Set Was $60 | Now $32

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You'll get almost half off on this hot deal from Sears! This set will be played with over and over again by your child and all their friends. Kids can't resist sending cars down slides - they did it when I was a kid and they still do it now. The Fisher Price Little People Wheelies Sky City Play Set was $59.99 regularly, and on sale for $41.99. Add the coupon code941612464 to get another $10 off your order and your price drops down to $31.99.

While I have already sold off and given away all of my Little People stuff with my boys getting older, I am seriously considering getting this for my five-year-old. He loves two things - cars and little guys. He would probably play with this incessantly. Over three feet tall, this sky city has switchable tracks where the wheelies vehicles travel down three different tracks, including one with a jump. While it wants you to use the wheelies cars, I know for a fact you can also use regular Hot Wheels cars, although you might not get that same speed and cars may jump the track, but kids like that. Don't be President Business and tell the kids how to play!

I checked around to see what other stores were selling this set for and Sears has them beat by a long shot. Toys R Us sells it for $54.99 and Walmart sells it for $49.94.

There is only one review on Sears' website, but it is a long one and very detailed. It also says the person received it for free for the purpose of evaluating it and her evaluation just gave her experience and generally said she would recommend it. I've seen this toy and ones similar to it at playgroup and I know that kids gravitate to it and want to play with it.

I think this toy would be perfect for anywhere from 18 months up to 4 years old. My daughter is 2 years old and when she saw it, her eyes about popped out of her head and she said, "wooooooooow!! what's that" in her best 2 year old style. She figured out pretty quickly how to put the cars on the track (although a few times she put it on backwards).

This would make a fabulous gift from Santa, set up and ready to go on Christmasmorning. It will give you just that much more time to make a coffee and get dressed before present opening time.

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  • Em
    Looks like the coupon code is no longer working?
    • Eva W.
      It is working. You need to go through the checkout to the last stage to see the discount.