Sears Canada: Cuisinart Elite Chopper & Grinder Was $60 | Now $32

Sears Canada: Cuisinart Elite Chopper & Grinder Was $60 | Now $32


Apparently in Ontario next week we are going to get some cooler weather. That pretty much sucks for me since I'm on vacation! Anyway, with cool weather comes warming foods likes soup. Fall and winter are like the soup seasons. One of the easiest ways to make soup is with a food processing machine. Sears Outlet has a fabulous deal on right now on the Cuisinart Elite Collection 1L chopper and grinder. Regularly $59.99, it is on sale for only $31.94.

Not just for soup, this little baby does all the work for you in chopping onions (the worst kitchen job ever), garlic, herbs, but it can also grind spices and blend other foods. Being only 4 cups large, it is compact enough to sit on your counter without taking much room, but large enough to do your chopping and grinding jobs. All of it fits right in the dishwasher afterward too.

There is one review on the site and while it is in French, I can see that the person is very happy with their purchase as it works great and does the job.

To give you an idea how this is the best price out there, I looked back on our own site to see that Avi blogged this machine in May, when it was down to $34 with a $20 off coupon. The coupon was applicable to anything on site, so it was not actually on sale for this price. Even still, Sears price today is still lower than it was then.

Right now I am finding it still at the higher end of the regular price at other stores. Hudson's Bay has it on sale for $51.99 and there is a little video on their site you could watch to see more about the features of this chopper. Kitchen Stuff Plus has it on at an "impossible price" for $59.99. also sold this model for $58.96, but it is no longer available there.

Shipping is free on spends of $49 or more, so you might want to see what else in the outlet you can buy for around $20 to save yourself any additional fees.

Photo credit: Luca Nebuloni

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