Sears Canada: 50% Off - Craftsman 45L Wet/Dry Vac $59.99

Sears Canada: 50% Off - Craftsman 45L Wet/Dry Vac $59.99

My father always had one of these around the garage, it was good for cleaning up all sorts of messes. The ones I remember most though are sawdust: lots of sawdust went into that machine. Sears Canada ha a great deal on a Craftsman 45L Wet/Dry Vac - 50% off in fact! Get one for only $59.99 - regularly $119.99

What I liked about this vacuum was that it didn't matter what it sucked up. If the sawdust was wet - the Vac could handle it. If some fluid spilt on the floor - to could handle that too. Regular vacuums just aren't built to be sucking up wet stuff as well as your dry stuff: or at least not the household vacuums I use. But for a shop this is important because you never know what is going to end up spilt. For this price: such a deal!

A good way to encourage your man to keep the garage/shop clean!


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