Sears Canada: 4 Day Fashion and Footwear Sale

Sears Canada: 4 Day Fashion and Footwear Sale

Sears Canada is having a quick fashion and footwear sale, with prices up to 50% off! Included in this sale are clothing (men, women, baby), shoes, luggage, jewellery, and watches. This sale started July 17 and ends July 20, 2010.

I wasen't expecting much as Sears just got over a warehouse sale, but my first click through on this Heys® Eco Orbis™ 'Spinners' 30'' Upright piece of luggage showed me it's usual price of a penny short of $300 was discounted by $180! Technically that is a 60% discount.

Further glancing around took me to the men's section and I looked in on some Dockers® 'Signature Classic' Flat Front Khakis that are on for 1/2 price. They also has some very decent shoe prices and of course women's clothing!

Overall, a sale worth looking into!

Note: Sears has these outlets they will ship to for free, you just have to pay a handling charge so it keeps extra charges down. You can also return items in-store instead of mailing them back.


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