Goldlok Iron Horse RC Train Set Was $56 | Now $18 @ Sears *HOT* (EXPIRED)

Goldlok Iron Horse RC Train Set Was $56 | Now $18 @ Sears *HOT* (EXPIRED)


Remote control trains are one of the coolest toys ever to receive for Christmas. They do not even need to be wrapped up. Simply set the toy up at the base of the tree and your child can see their gift encircling the tree the second they get up! This GOLDLOK 'Iron Horse' Remote-Controlled Work Train Set was $55.99 but is now on sale for $27.99. Use coupon code941612464 for an extra $10 off, thus bringing your new remote-controlled train down to only $17.99! Sears Canada offers free shipping to over 1300 Sears Stores and Sears Outlet locations.

This is a pretty hot Christmas gift, am I right? This 50-piece set is huge and comes complete with one locomotive, three decorated cars, one controller, two junction tracks, eight straight tracks, and 32 curved tracks. There is a total of 24 feet (730 cm) of total track length! This set is AWESOME!!! <3

The remote control allows you to make the train go forward, reverse, and stop. The crane car turns and loads cargo and it includes 1 coal car, 1 coal car and 1 low-side gondola with 2 loads. There is a master infrared controller, which operates both the train and the track functions. The locomotive makes a train sound and has lights as well.

Essentially, this is a huge train set for an extremely low price and you MUST pick it up and make some big kid or little kid giddy with joy! The 'Iron Horse' train is styled like an authentic work train and will give you and the kids hours of fun driving the train, loading up the train, and more. This toy is designed for children ages 4 and up. One reviewer said:

Fully remote controlled - the train goes back and forth and the track switches are also remote. You can even load boxes onto the train using just the remote. Very fun.

The only downside is that this train set requires 13 AA batteries, which are not included. OUCH. However, it is well worth the expense given the massive discount on this train set. I am practically giddy myself as this is a toy I would have loved as a kid.

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  • S&amp;S
    At checkout the total is coming up to 41.99. Any idea why?
    • Anna W.
      Are you sure you don't have something else in your cart or you have shipping charges in there? I just tested it the deal and it was a final price of $20.33 for ON, inc taxes, etc.
    • wahwah
      I am in Saskatoon , after adding to cart, it shows 41.99 in cart
      • Kayla
        S&S is correct. It is "listed" as $27.99 on sale, yet gets put into the cart as $41.99.
        • Kayla
          I have since emailed customer support @ Sears and now suddenly the correct sale price of $27.99 is reflecting on the listing and in the cart as well. I made my order and successfully used the coupon code for an order total of $20.57 for a BC store pick up location.
          • Avigayil M.
            Awesome! <3
          • Stephen
            Was going to get it, but not after I saw it tkes 13 aa batteries, yikes!
            • Stephen
              Takes 13 batteries...
              • Avigayil M.
                Yeah, it is a lot of batteries. :D