The Scruff-A-Luv Blossom Bunny is Here @ Chapters

The Scruff-A-Luv Blossom Bunny is Here @ Chapters

Spring is officially here – and so are the bunnies! Specifically, the Scruff-A-Luv Blossom Bunny has finally arrived in Canada, and you can pick one up just in time for Easter.

These bunnies are the next generation of Little Live Scruff-A-Luvs, unloved and abandoned pets who need your help.

Like the original pets, the Blossom Bunnies arrive as a matted ball of fur, but you'll reveal their true beauty and personalities when you bathe, dry, brush and love them.

This time around, their fur will be a surprise – and you might uncover a green, pink or yellow one. Each bunny comes with a grooming brush, a crown and an adoption certificate.

So far, I've only seen them online at Chapters Indigo, where they sell for $29.95 each. If you spot them anywhere else in Canada, let us know in the comments! They ship free from Chapters.


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