SCENE Card: Have you seen it?

SCENE Card: Have you seen it?


I know, corny eh? So we figured it was about time for those of you not familiar with the SCENE card to be introduced.

SCENE card - people.

People - SCENE card.

lol. :-D

Ok, so on a more serious note: for those of you who don't know what a SCENE card is: it is a card you use when you go to the movies at Cineplex theatres. You give them your card, they scan it, you get points. For most movies you get 100 points a movie. When you get 1000 points (you have seen 10 movies) you get 1 free admission. So pretty worth getting.

It isn't just getting free admission - you could get a free combo at the concession instead. Which reminds me, with your SCENE card you get 10% off at the concession. Also, you can now use your SCENE points towards buying movies online at Cineplex. Some restaurants (I hear Milestones) have evidently partnered up with SCENE and you can also get a Scotiabank SCENE master card to help earn those points faster.

Personally, I keep it simple. My points never expire so every year and 1/2 or so I earn myself a free movie. Which is sweet. Sure it can take some time to add up but it is very satisfying to have earned that free ticket. So that is why I think this is one of those free reward programs that is actually worth signing up for.

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