Save up to 50% Hape Toys @ All-Star Learning

Save up to 50% Hape Toys @ All-Star Learning

Hape Toys are very cool - my friend's son has a bunch of them, and when I go over to her house for coffee we always end up playing with the toys with him. All-Star Learning is having a sale on Hape toys and you can save up to 50% off.

Here are a few great toys that caught my eye:

I just can't get over the high quality crafting of these Hape toys, and the selection is astounding. You'll really enjoy looking at all of them in the top link.

Shipping widely varies starting from $7.99 and up (depending on the province you live in and the item(s) ordered.) For a general idea of pricing, you can click here. The best way to find out what shipping costs will be will be to take your order through checkout until shipping fees are displayed.


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