Save up to 37% off Gaming Headphones at

Save up to 37% off Gaming Headphones at

Treat your ears to some high quality video gaming sounds with some gaming headphones!

There are eight headphone deals here of varying quality. Seems some of the better deals are sub $100 and these are the ones I'm going to mention here. You can certainly check out the higher priced ones that run as high as $250 but you don't save as much.

Seems these have been selling very well since a lot of them are sold out and will ship once they get stock. When they do ship, as usual, if they are over $25 you will get free shipping. Two of these are not over $25 so keep that in mind,

The products themselves are all by Turtle Beach who, before they essentially moved into the gaming  headphone market, made some amazing products. A while back, when they still made sound cards, if I were to have gotten into some recording on my home PC, I'd probably have gotten a Turtle Beach sound device. These guys really know what they are doing. That being said I have never used these specific headphones but I can't image them being bad. Of course, as usual, the more you pay, the better they (usually) sound.

Now you are going to want to watch out for which platform these work with. They all work with the xBox 360, three of them work with the PS3 (the three more expensive ones, for whatever reason) and one set will work with Windows Vista/7.

(Expires: 11th June 2012)


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