Save up to 22% on CyberPower Gaming Desktops at

Save up to 22% on CyberPower Gaming Desktops at

Get your game on AND have enough money left over for cheetos and Dr. Pepper... Or Mr. Pibb....You can save up to 22% on select Cyberpower gaming desktop computers at

A couple of the better deals are:

These ship for free and you can get financing on them through Amazon if you want.

I'll be straight up honest and tell you that I have never heard of this company before. It might be because I'm out of the PC loop or maybe they just aren't that well known yet. Regardless, I read a review on amazon that I thought was a pretty good indication of the quality of the company and their products. I appologise about how long it is but it seems like a legit customer:

Purchased this Gaming PC through Amazon and I must say am very pleased. I waited a whole week for it to arrive but saved myself $30.00 in shipping cost as it was free and it came from California. I was nervous about that part of it and when it arrived and I hooked it up - no power! OMG I thought! I then got on line with CyberPower tech support and after a brief walk through of checking different internal connections, found the mobo cable which supply's power to the mobo had fallen off probably in shipping. All is well and it is one beast of a computer with enormous capabilities for expansion. I couldn't have made a better choice. Very happy with it and is it fast! So, if you purchase one of these and get no lights on when you power up - check the plug to the mobo. It also runs quiet and cool as it has 6 internal fans running. It also has the non-recalled ASUS mobo in it. Not a whole lot of documentation with it except for a owners manual (small pamphlet), ASUS mobo manual (very useful) a IDE cable for connecting another HD and 3 Disks. One for the Video graphics card (drivers),one back-up Windows 7 SP1 disk and one for the ASUS mobo. I know of guys who are BYO gamers and they will probably spend more on parts and the aggravation of putting it together. This PC is probably what they would want in the end except for a more updated GPU which can be added later. It is also Crossfire ready so 2 GPU's can be installed. You won't be sorry! One last comment, Cyberpower tech support although helpful, needs to slow down a little on their help line. Not everyone is that tech savvy.

I'll leave you with that and if you happen to buy one of these, or if you already own one, please comment below and let us know what you thinhk about the company and the products.

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