Save $15 X 4 Grocery Shops (New Customers) With Click & Collect Service @ Real Canadian Superstore!

Save $15 X 4 Grocery Shops (New Customers) With Click & Collect Service @ Real Canadian Superstore!

Superstore's Click & Collect service has recently expanded to new locations. If you have not used Superstore's Click & Collect service yet, you're in for a treat!

If you're a new customer and spend $75 (or more) on a grocery order using the Click & Collect website at select Real Canadian Superstore locations, you can save $15 using promo code SHOPNOW60 during checkout. You can use this coupon code up to four times (per customer!)

Saving $15 over four shops is a savings of $60! All eligible orders have to be placed by October 15th. Some exclusions apply, such as tobacco, alcohol products, prescriptions, phone cards, lottery tickets and more.

Some Real Canadian Superstore locations have been giving out these coupon codes in store and it looks as though they won't require a physical coupon for this promotion, just the code mentioned above and applied during the checkout process.

What exactly is this service? I've used it myself often and I have to say it's wonderful! You can place an order online and pick it up during the 2 hour time slot that you select to take place within the next couple of days, or sometimes even for the next day. The 'fee' for this service is only $3 on some days/times and $5 on busier times such as the weekends. This service is ideal for anyone who just doesn't have much time to shop, or someone who has a difficult time walking around or pushing a cart or lifting heavy bags of groceries.

Here's how it works: You sign up for an account online, then start 'shopping.' You're literally clicking the mouse to place your desired items into your cart. There's a wide variety of products available. Rarely, no matter how hard I search I can't find an item. I have then placed a note for them to see if they can place it into the order and most times they do! You can also add notes beside products such as, if not available you would accept a substitution. If you forget to add an item into your cart after checking out, you can just jump back in (until 11:59 PM the day before you pick up your order) and add it into your order. I love that feature.

The cold food stays cold and the hot foods (from the deli) stay hot! They have a very good set up to ensure the safety of your food.

Before you place your order, make sure you've linked your PC Plus card to your account and particularly, if you have one, your PC Financial MasterCard so you can gain additional PC Points toward free groceries! Before you pick up your groceries, 'load' all of your PC Points offers into your account to get more bonus points. You do need to process the order through a payment card on file, but it's a temporary authorization and when you pick up your groceries you will be charged the actual amount.

When you arrive at the Pick & Collect area, which is a nice distance away from the regular parking lot, just pull into a spacious spot and dial the local number that they show you on the signs. It can take a while for them to sort the order and get it together, but for the time it saves you on grocery shopping it's well worth it. They will load up your vehicle with the groceries, but I have always stepped out to help and notice others do as well. Must be a Canadian courtesy thing!

You can bring your own bags (make a note of it in the note area if you can) or they can bag them up with their own bags. They may charge 5 cents a bag if they use their own.


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