(Save 69%!) HP Envy 5530 Inkjet All-In-One Printer Was $130 | Now ONLY $40 & Free Shipping @ Staples Canada

(Save 69%!) HP Envy 5530 Inkjet All-In-One Printer Was $130 | Now ONLY $40 & Free Shipping @ Staples Canada

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I found a swell printer deal just in time for back to school. Check out the HP Envy 5530 Inkjet All-In-One Printer. This little printer started at $129.91, but Staples Canada has it on sale right now for only $39.91! Staples has also thrown completely free shipping into the deal for this printer, making it quite a little steal.

This HP Printer is just the right price for a compact little printer for school work or home use. A wireless printer that can also scan and copy is essential for most families and students these days. Make sure you are well stocked before the big school projects start for the year. You know  there will be at least one frantic night where your kid mentions a report due tomorrow... at 7 pm the night before! Don't get caught without a way to print easily.

This printer can print, copy and scan with ease. Connect it to your computer or devices using AirPrint (Apple) or E-print (Windows & Android). A touchscreen right on the printer allows you to copy and scan without hassle. This printer will read from an SD card, and can print double sided at a speed of 19 seconds for a black and white page or 24 seconds for colour. There is a limited manufacturer's warranty on this printer for a year should you run into trouble. I personally picked up a similar HP Envy printer and have been very happy with my purchase, it has been a solid buy. I have not seen this good of a deal on printers in the Envy line since I purchased back in February.

One of the first questions I always think about when looking at a printer is ink prices. How many of us have picked up a cheap printer, only to find the ink costs almost as much. HP Canada has an awesome Instant Ink subscription you can sign up for, and this printer qualifies. The plans start at $3.99 per month, and range up to $10.99 per month depending on how many pages you print per month on average, plus include recycling and shipping. This is a fab way to ensure you are getting a great price on your ink throughout the school year, and I have found it quite useful and convenient to save on ink costs for my own Envy printer.

I found lots of other retailers carrying this printer, but no one has a sweeter deal than Staples Canada does right now. Check out the list:

Staples Canada by far has the most amount of reviews on this printer, with over 549 people weighing in on their purchase. This printer is carrying a strong four and a half star out of five-star rating. Most people seem happy with this inexpensive option. Here is one reviewer:

I had to replace my HP printer which I really liked. I bought a HP Envy 5530 printer and I really LOVE it. Even the smallest print is clear and easy to read. I guess when something not so good happens, something better comes along. I am very happy and I know I will enjoy using this printer.

This is a solid buy if you need a new printer. If your current printer is on the way out, it is time to upgrade before we head back to school and into fall.

(Expiry: 11th August 2015)


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  • Shar
    Hubby says Thanks a lot. We've been looking for a replacement printer and this not only is a great price but even fits into the same area as our old one :)
    • Kristy R.
      You're very welcome, sounds like it's a perfect fit!
      • Shar
        A little update re this deal... the free shipping did not kick in and I didn't notice until I had completed the order. After 3 phone calls and each operator telling me they will try to cancel it, I called today because it showed as on it's way. Staples operator apologized and said lots of folks were having this problem so I could just refuse it at the door or, do what I did, take it and and she credited back my card for the $15. & tax shipping fee. Bottom line, it's nice to deal with a company that corrects it's errors.
        • gvader
          Thanks for posting this, been waiting for a cheap wireless printer.
          • gvader
            Woah, just got charged with $15 for Sh&Han as you mentioned, so they have not fixed that. Will contact customer support ASAP. ...just did, they swear it was not free, had to send them a snapshot...sigh...
            • Anna W.
              Yes, it's clearly still marked as free on the Staples website - so everyone watch your credit card bill and make sure you pay the right amount!
              • Shar
                I would suggest calling them with the order that way you know the shipping charge has been dropped.
                • Kristy R.
                  I'm Staples did the did the right thing in the end Shar, that is refreshing at least. It stinks to have to track them down. I agree with Anna, keep an eye on your receipt and credit cards folks!