(Save 33%) Bear Paws Claws now only $16 @ Amazon! (EXPIRED)

(Save 33%) Bear Paws Claws now only $16 @ Amazon!  (EXPIRED)


What do you get as a Christmas gift for the man who has everything? Well, if nothing on my emergency gift ideas list sparks your interest, then consider these Bear Paws Claws! These cool kitchen items have been discounted by 33% - they were originally $23.99 on Amazon. But they’re now down to only $15.99!!

I first saw these bear claws on Amazon a few months ago, but they weren’t at a good enough price to write about on here. Now they are!

If you’ve got Amazon Prime, then shipping is free for you, of course. If not, you’d have to spend $25+ on Amazon to get free shipping. And with the amount of amazing deals on Amazon lately, that would NOT be hard to do.

If you’re wondering exactly what these bear claws are – I’ll try to explain by copy and pasting this quick blurb:

Bear Claw is the Perfect tool for Handling, Carving, Lifting, Shredding , and Pulling all kind of Meats. This tool is also very effective for Tossing Salads and assisting in Cutting Melons.

They look brilliant! I am getting Wolverine aspirations though…

Well, I quite frequently roast and then shred chicken, to have in a Caesar salad. When I’m shredding four or five chicken breasts using nothing but a couple of forks, my hands do get quite sore. I can imagine these bear claws would take a LOT of the work out of that!

They might be more useful in the summer though, for flipping and moving meat on the BBQ. The reviewers on Amazon are all super-positive about the bear claws – most people seem to love them!

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  • Manda
    I think these look like a fun stocking stuffer for my husband, but after a quick search, I found quite a few products that look identical, but with a cheaper price tag. Think they are the same thing? http://www.amazon.ca/Heat-resistant-Meat-Claws-Shredder-Barbecue/dp/B00ZHUFDAK/ref=sr_1_5?ie=UTF8&qid=1448314234&sr=8-5&keywords=bear+paws+meat+shredders
    • Anna W.
      Hi Manda! Yep, it looks like a copy... the one you link to in particular is from a Chinese marketplace seller with a very low amount of feedback, so that's why I'd be dubious about that one. You have to research that too - whereas the ones above are from a Canadian seller and fulfilled by Amazon themselves. That's the difference :)
      • Manda
        Personally, I went with the cheaper ones, fingers crossed they aren't junk! Here's my logic: I went through most of the listings on amazon.ca to see what was up before buying, most lead back to hintel (with various "storefront" names which looks dodgy). Hintel is indeed a Chinese company, but overall they have a reasonable amount of feedback, still offered the 100% guarantee (though I don't really trust you'd ever get a refund from them). I'd rather risk $5 on a cheezy product than $16. The downfall is I didn't buy direct through Amazon, so while my shipping was free (no minimum) it may be very slow, but I have found in the past items from China usually arrive very quickly. The ones in this article are not a "Canadian company", but just a "Canadian distributor" of an Iranian company. None of the claw products I found are a brand name, they are all made of plastic, claim to be heat proof, are the same dimensions, etc etc. The ones I ended up buying are regular price $29.99 on sale for $4.99.
        • Anna W.
          Well good luck, let us know how you get on !