Sales Cycles: Get the Best Deals in March

Sales Cycles: Get the Best Deals in March

I can't believe that March is already here and with a new month comes new great deals to take advantage of. The month of March brings in a new series of sales, which we are covering in our monthly sales cycles posts.

Holidays: In the month of March there are a a few minor holidays and special occasions, around which the stores will do a special sale.  E.g. St. Patrick's Day (green items), Mardi Gras ( jewellery), Dr Seuss's Birthday (kids books) & National Craft Month (any craft items).

Seasonal Clothes: Spring is just around the corner so many stores are bringing in their new Spring lines of clothing.  To promote this, they usually put them on sale or have coupon codes available for a limited time. The closer we get to actual Spring-time the worse the deals get on the Spring clothing, so the idea is to get the items in March. By April, the clothes, will likely be full price.  Some good deals on right now are at Garage Canada, The Children's Place Canada, and Old Navy Canada.

Seasonal items: Items like gardening and BBQ books, outdoor items, electronics for outdoors such as headphones and battery powered and wireless entertainment items for camping are also coming on sale for Spring. Electronic accessories for running, such as iPhone and iPod accessories often go on sale now as well, for those wanting to get more active again after winter.

Travel: A lot of airlines are putting out coupon codes for flights in March for those last minute March Break vacations.  Also, this is about the time that people may start looking for flights for the summer and when school is out, so there are a lot of great deals. Check out our coupon forum often for airline coupon codes to save you money on your flights.  Because of the travel deals, you will also start finding luggage deals in the month of March.

Entertainment: The closer the months get to summer, the better the deals get for items such as DVDs, Blu-rays, and movie passes.  With the nicer weather, people want to get outside more and to do things instead of staying indoors and just watching movies.  People go for walks and hikes instead of heading out to the movies theaters.  You will start to find some good sales with DVDsand Blu-ray as well as special promotions with movie theaters.

These are a few different deals for sale cycles that you will be able to find in the month of March. Let us know if you know of some more!

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  • Avigayil
    March is really weird for shopping deals. Was at Sport Chek yesterday and picked up $150 rollerblades for $30. Now I get to experiment with killing myself. It seems they are cleaning out older stock.