Ronco Ready Grill with 4 Kabob Rods & Recipes, 50% Off - Now $70 @ The Shopping Channel

Ronco Ready Grill with 4 Kabob Rods & Recipes, 50% Off - Now $70 @ The Shopping Channel

Many Ronco kitchen appliances have come and gone over the years and a lot of you will remember the Ronco infomercials. The man behind it all is Ron Popeil, and he has been in many Canadian kitchens through the years as both inventor and salesperson as he effortlessly enticed many people to purchase his unique inventions. Remember the Veg-O-Matic? That was a Ronco product, too.

This odd looking grill appliance (available in black only) looks like it's sitting on it's side when it shouldn't be, but that appears to be the basis for inserting the food into it after you place it into the grill plates. It's nice that this small kitchen appliance is vertical, because it takes up less counter space. The Ronco Ready Grill is on sale for $70, and the original price is $140. The reviews are really good as well, and that is a good sign that it is worthwhile to own this grill.

Pre-heating is fast, taking from 3 - 5 minutes. There are no adjustments to be made for the heat level, it's a constant. (This only makes it easier to cook foods with, though!) All you have to do is set the timer. Cook anything you want...Steaks, kabobs, shrimp, pork chops, veggies, and more. You should click on some of the videos in the above link, it does look like a good kitchen appliance and definitely one you would want to take with you on a camping trip.

Another feature is that this is a healthier way of cooking foods, because fats are dripping off of the food. This grill cooks foods faster than a conventional oven; with the heat source being close to the foods, your dinner will be ready in no time!

What about cleanup, you ask? The grill plates are dishwasher safe, or you may hand wash if desired. (As if anyone desires hand washing.)

Shipping is $10.97, and if you prefer, you may make two payments using their unique EasyPay system.

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