Roll Play Live: $15 Off $25 Tickets Exclusive Coupon Code

Roll Play Live: $15 Off $25 Tickets Exclusive Coupon Code

We got a fantastic (almost unbelievable) exclusive deal from Roll Play Live, a family stage show coming central Canada this fall! Get $15 off the ticket price of $25 when you use our exclusive coupon code! WOW!

  • Discount: $15 off
  • Coupon Code: BMOOSE1515
  • Expiry: ?

That.. is totally awesome - only $10 a ticket! Click here for tickets. A fabulous fun thing to take the kiddies to. Be sure to watch their fun and bouncy video on the website to get an idea of what they are like. I love backlight and I am sure many kids are going to have a total ball watching the bright colours come out under the black light of all the creatures!

Their first show is October 12th so check out their dates and see if they have a show near you! Looks like they will be playing in Ontario, Manitoba and Saskatchewan.


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  • Jen
    It looks like you can't choose what seats you get when you try to purchase tickets using a promocode. Any idea what kind of seats we would get?
    • Anna
      I'll drop them a line to see Jen, will let you know.
  • Matt B.
    Thanks Jen for your support, the seats are as close to the front as we can place you. Normally in the first 3-4 rows. Cheers
    • Ada
      Hi Matt. Do you mean the promo tickets are closer to the front that the general seating tickets?
      • Jen
        Thanks Matt. Just another question: When do we find out what our actual seats are? As soon as we complete the purchase or when we receive the actual tickets? Speaking of which...are the tickets mailed to us?
        • Mona
          actually the tickets there were $29.50 each so $15off would make them $14.50 each which is still a deal, but ticketmaster shows a 2for1 deal and that's for assigned seating. anyone know the promo code for the 2for1 deal?