ROCCAT Kova[+] Max Performance Mouse Was $60 | Now $30 & Free Shipping @

ROCCAT Kova[+] Max Performance Mouse Was $60 | Now $30 & Free Shipping @


The ROCCAT Kova[+] Max Performance Gaming Mouse is an elite wired mouse for serious computer use. The mouse comes with seven customizable buttons and a 'shift' button for giving each button up to two functions each for a total of sixteen functions. Breeze into your email, open a new browser window, access office applications, and more with customization at your fingertips. Originally $59.99, the mouse is now on sale for $29.99 with free shipping.

Some people thing gaming mice are just for gaming and they would be mistaken: gaming mice are mice that operate with increased speed and functionality that can be used in any setting. If you work on your computer, then a gaming mouse can increase productivity by decreasing mouse response time and distance travelled on mouse pad versus screen as well as increasing access to important functions and programs via the customizable buttons.

This mouse is wired - thus it is optimal for a stationary computer or one that resides in the house most of the time. I live off of gaming mice even when I am not gaming. Once I felt the speed of a 3200 dpi mouse - anything lower just drove me crazy. This mouse can be customized for t 400, 800, 1600, or 3200 dpi. You will find the speed of a gaming mouse fantastic if you work on your computer for long hours of the day. While you might think the cord will be annoying - you really do get used to it over time.

What really convinced me to post this deal was price comparing. Amazon Canada is selling this exact mouse right now for $49.99. Newegg Canada has the same mouse for $73.70. When your nearest price competitor is $20 more expensive, I tend to think I have a hot deal on my hands.

The ROCCAT Driver and Macro Manager include predefined Macro Presets for games, multimedia, and office apps. While you may not use the game functions (thus they can be reassigned), the multimedia and the office app macro presets will certainly come in useful for casual users. There is no need to exclude such an excellent mouse from your repertoire just because you do not game. And, if you are a PC gamer, this mouse will be pretty awesome too. For a gaming mouse, this is a fantastic price.

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