Robeez: up to 50% Off Sale

Robeez: up to 50% Off Sale


Robeez has boosted their sale prices up to 50% off, so I thought I would mention it for all the watchful parents and grandparents out there who adore these shoes. Many girls shoes are discounted down to $18.99 and boys' down to $16.99. Shipping is free on two pairs of shoes.

Since people are recovering from Christmas bills I will present the cheapest (in price, not quality) of the sale Robeez shoes for each gender:

Girls: $18.99 each:

Boys: $16.99 each (reg. $33.95 each):

Oh ya, funny thing: I was browsing through my Canadian Business textbook for this semester and Robeez is mentioned in the textbook! They tell the story of how the company started. Totally fascinating.


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