Robeez Shoes Summer Sale

Robeez Shoes Summer Sale

Gold-shoeI just got emailed by Robeez Shoes with a note about their new summer sale, which is on now! Their shoe sale prices start at $16.99, with most little shoes priced at $19.99CA.

The sale has some nice offers, here are a few examples:

For the little girls, check out these gold booties for $16.99! They're so cute! Or for something a little more traditional, these little "flitty flight" shoes are priced at $19.99

The boys shoes seem to be a little bit more expensive, and don't have quite as much of a choice. But these "lil man" shoes are brilliant - they are $24.99. I like these whale shoes too.Blue-shoe

If you are only ordering 1 pair of shoes, you would have to pay shipping. But order 2 or more pairs, shipping is free! If you only think you need 1 pair, perhaps you could make a joint order with a friend or family member to make sure you get free shipping.


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