Robeez Canada: Free Shipping With No Minimum All Month!

Robeez Canada: Free Shipping With No Minimum All Month!


Get free shipping for the entire month of March at Robeez! Normally, you'd need to spend $50 to get free shipping, so this way you can get one pair and run off laughing.

My babies all wore cute little Robeez from infancy to crawling to walking. You don't want them doing too much walking outside with the soft soled ones, as rocks and other debris can hurt their feet, but they are great indoors. They do sell hard-soled shoes too, which my kids also had and they are really great and flexible too. I remember when I had my first son and asked what all the hype about Robeez was and a friend said "they keep the socks on!". This is so true. Babies are master houdinis at getting shoes and socks off, which can be frustrating if you want them to wear these items. Robeez are way too hard for even the most skilled toddler to get off.

Slip right on over to the sale side of things to get even more bang for your buck with this free shipping deal.

My kids are monkeys, so these 3D monkey soft soles are totally cute and such a great deal. Was $27, now $18.89.

I forgot to mention the amazing boots they have too, which all of my kids had a pair of. Much better than a clunky pair of waterproof boots on a kid who won't be steeping in the snow, these brown bear soft sole boots are sweet. Was $38, now $19.99.

Check out our free shipping with no minimum page.

(Expiry: 31st March 2014)


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