Robeez Canada: 3 Pack Socks Were $13.50 | Now $6 & Free Shipping

Robeez Canada: 3 Pack Socks Were $13.50 | Now $6 & Free Shipping


Robeez doesn't often have free shipping with no minimum (the last time I saw it was March), so when they do, it is time to take advantage. Even if you bought one of their more expensive pairs of shoes, you won't reach the $50 minimum and have to pay $7, which is just no fun. Right now until October 17th you can skip that payment or minimum threshold and order whatever you'd like from Robeez without any extra shipping fees. I found that they had tons of pairs of socks on sale with their three-packs regularly $13.50 and now only $5.99.

Robeez socks are insanely cute! I mean they are for babies, so you know they are going to be cute on those tiny toes anyway, but they just have such cute designs.You are basically getting each pair for only $2, which is a steal and basically at Walmart prices for baby socks (which probably are not as cute or as good of quality). They have elastic at the ankle so the socks stay up and a non-slip sole because you know that little dude will be running before you can catch him.

These Little Dude socks are available in 0-6 months and have little moustaches. I don't know what it is about today, but everything I've been blogging has my uterus gone awry! These socks do not help!

Seriously, the love elephant socksare so taking me down with this baby thing! They say they are also kick-proof because those little legs do not stop moving and somehow socks always get pushed off. Not in this case!

If you have somewhere special to go, you will need to have a look at these take a bow socks with little teeny bows. This is only a 2-pack and it is only $4.99, so $2.50 a pair.

Of course, your child could always use a new pair of Robeez and I saw them from $19.99 in the sale section. These cutie pie soft soles have done me in for good. How cute!

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