Roadside Assistance For $70 @ Canadian Tire

Roadside Assistance For $70 @ Canadian Tire

We all need it at some point—roadside assistance. If you don't already have some sort of roadside assistance plan, then let me introduce you to this Canadian Tire program. The Canadian Tire Roadside Assistance offers two tiers of their membership and right now you can get a $30 discount on their Gold Plan and pay just $69.95 for your annual subscription. Just use the code SPRINGCRM16 to get this package for the promo price.

In the past few weeks I have found myself wishing I had one of these subscriptions. Seriously. I know zilch about cars and ever since my car accident a couple months ago, my truck keeps having problems. Just yesterday I found myself needing a tow, which cost me almost $200. If I would have purchased this Canadian Tire Roadside Assistance Plan for $69.95 after discounts, I wouldn't have been so bummed. My steering wheel probably wouldn't have been smacked around in frustration either. Plus, calling several places with a toddler in my back seat proved to be a challenge when my little guy started yelling, "nobody knows how to fix things properly anymore..."

The Canadian Tire Gold Roadside Assistance offers 24/7 emergency assistance across both Canada and the United States. You get unlimited tows to any Canadian Tire Service Centre as well as 250km tows per service call to any destination of your choice. You get five service calls per year and that can include tows, battery boosts, flat tire changes, lock out services, fuel delivery, extraction from the ditch and more. I wouldn't know the first thing about changing a tire, honestly. Would you?

Chances are, you probably have kids in your back seat. Wouldn't you feel so much better knowing you could be back on the road and home safe in no time if you do happen to run out of fuel or get a flat tire? You will even receive a coupon for a free oil change! I know an oil change alone can cost upwards of $40.

If you decide to go through with this offer, just follow the link listed above and call the required number. Don't forget to mention the coupon code I provided so that you can get the discount that makes this an even better deal.

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