Remote Control Your Baby To Sleep!? $39.94, Free Shipping @

Remote Control Your Baby To Sleep!? $39.94, Free Shipping @

Aquariums can be very soothing to people, and the Fisher-Price Ocean Wonders Aquarium with Remote Control will do wonders for soothing your baby to sleep. (On their own terms, of course. Babies sleep when they want to.)

The Ocean Wonders can certainly help though. Babies love this sort of thing! The aquarium attaches to the crib, and captivates your baby's attention with mesmerizing water sound effects. You even get a remote control, to be able to control it from a distance, so you don't disturb your baby when they are sleeping.

The Fisher-Price Ocean Wonders Aquarium is on sale for $39.94 @ As a comparison, Toys R Us is currently selling this for $54.99, and Walmart has rolled back their price from $47.94, down to $39.94 but in this case, has the advantage since they ship for free!

Classical music or sound effects can be set to play for up to 18 min. Bubbles will rise to the surface that your baby can see. There's a Mama fish who looks like she's swimming through water and of course she has her baby fish with her. A cute crab finishes the visual effects by peeking in and out of the coral and seaweed.

There are 4 classical styled songs and 2 sound effects) via 3 modes of use:

  • 1 = Sounds, Lights and Water/Swimming Motion
  • 2 = Sounds & Lights
  • 3 = Sounds only

Shipping on this is free!


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  • Fenny

    One of the best toys ever made!  Loooove the thing. It was a life (sleep) saver.