Refurbished iPads From $269 @

Refurbished iPads From $269 @

Okay - I cave. I need an iPad in my life. Between letting my son watch people opening Kinder eggs on YouTube and being used as my personal assistant, my iPhone needs a backup plan. An iPad would be perfect for the entire family - and has Refurbished iPads on sale for 15-30% off and prices start at $269.

There are quite a few refurbished iPads on sale for up to 30% off - and Apple's refurbished products are no different than buying something brand new . The software is updated, the casing is new, even all of the accessories included will be brand new. You won't be able to tell the difference and you will still have a one-year Apple Warranty!

Here are some of the refurbished iPads available from Apple Canada: offers free shipping on all orders.


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